Whatever if you Delete History, you can get your complete search data mobilePhone

By | December 28, 2018
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Android uses Google Chrome for searching smartphone users, whoever searches on user crombs gets saved in the history. This history can be deleted by going to the settings, which means whatever the user has searched, the data will also be deleted. However, the user is absolutely wrong to think so,That’s because Google saves what the user searches on the crom. If your phone can be easily accessed in someone’s hands, then the whole data can be easily found.Google’s website is myactivity.google.com, this website does not know many users. Anyone who searches on user crombs is refacted here.

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Now when you open this website, here are data from today’s day as well as old days. All of the data appears in different categories, so what you see on YouTube or what you searched on another website is all visible.

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