Now the phone will tell you by yourself, who will call you

By | December 28, 2018
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Now the phone will tell you by yourself, who is calling you, adopt these tricks
If your phone has caller name anron pro app ‘installed then you will not have to see who’s phone is coming. Not only this you will not even have to look at your phone’s screen. Yes, now the phone will speak by itself and tell whose call is coming. Even after the message arrives, this name will tell you whose message has come. These apps can be of great use to you while driving or doing some other important work. That’s because in it you will not need to look in the phone repeatedly, whose call is coming.
What are the features of the caller name announcer Pro Ape:

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The biggest feature of this app is that the phone works even when it is vibrate and silent and announces the caller’s name. Let’s say with the help of this app your phone will announce your name in English only.
If your phone does not have a name service then this app will announce that number. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Let’s say the pro version of this app is available in free. It works on an Android device with AP4 or above
What is the way
After downloading this app on the Google Play Store, its interface will be open. In this, the options for calls, audio and SMS will appear in which you first tap on the call. After this, when you go to Call Settings, enable both options above and then you can select the number by going to the No Times Two Announce. The number of numbers you select in this app will be as often as the name of the caller will anounce. Go to Audio Settings and enable all options. However, all options are available only here.

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